reative lighting has the ability to visually enhance any space. Lighting can provide additional interest and aesthetic value unattainable by other means. Through the thoughtful use of lighting, we can achieve a variety of moods, selectively enhance architecture and bring to life those objects that reveal who we are and what we feel.

Lighting should reinforce a design; however, its misuse or neglect can leave an otherwise well planned space, looking lifeless and washed out. Lighting can be thought of as the final sculptor of a space, its use being crucial in meeting the needs of the client and the design.

Good lighting design is a response to the client's needs, the tasks to be performed and the intent of the design. We create a good design by undertaking a comprehensive study of the environment and its occupants; only then can we make informed decisions regarding lighting concepts and technique. 












Edward J. Cansino & Associates is a full service lighting design and consulting firm. The scope of services offered range from hourly consulting to full scale design. Full scale designs include comprehensive project analysis, lighting plans and specifications, project management, lamping, focusing and controls programming. We offer additional services including, home automation (smart house) design, lighting efficiency analysis, solar geometry and sun studies, lighting calculations, California Title 24 lighting calculations, high-end photo realistic computer renderings and animations for analysis or presentation.

Project types completed include office, retail, restaurant, medical, bank, church, marine, landscape, high rise residential, residential developments and single family high-end residential.


Typically, projects are evaluated for;
Use of the space ( including activities and tasks )
Design of the space ( including architecture, finishes, furniture, equipment and art )
Client needs ( including likes and dislikes )
Constraints ( including structural, power distribution, codes and budget )
Energy efficiency



Typical Area's of Focus
Preliminary Design work:
Includes site analysis, plan review, project evaluation, development of concepts, lighting analysis and meetings leading to final lighting plan.
Lighting Plan:
Includes fixture locations and types, fixture specifications, switching details, title 24 documentation (when required) and any necessary detail drawings.
Project Management:
On site time to review the lighting installation with the installer(s) and verify accuracy of installation during construction. Redirect work to accommodate project changes.
Final Adjustments:
On site time to lamp, aim and program lighting equipment after installation.
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